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Skies of Olympus

Olympus is a beautiful but dangerous place, controlled by twelve Gods wielding unlimited power. Now they have devised the ultimate entertainment; a chance for their favourites to compete in twelve trials to win the ultimate prize - immortality.


Lyssa didn’t think the Gods knew who she was, until she was chosen to try out for the Trials with the crew of her old but beloved smugglers ship, the Alastor. For her the Trials are about much more than an eternal life. They're about stopping the monster from her past gaining the one thing that would put her revenge out of reach forever. Can she face her murderous father and stop him from becoming immortal?


Lyssa and her crew take on the deadly Trials alongside giants, centaurs, satyrs and Gods in the first three of twelve episodes of this brand new Greek mythology fantasy retelling.

Audible Sample - Read by Elizabeth Evans
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Tides of Olympus

After risking their lives completing the Trials set by Hera, Athena and Artemis, Lyssa and the crew of the Alastor now need to face the twisted imaginations of three more gods and hope they can prevail. 

With nine Trials still to go any of the four crews are still in with a chance of winning the most coveted thing in Olympus - immortality. 

And some of them will do absolutely anything for an infinite life.

With secret alliances, spiraling emotions and dangerous challenges, will Lyssa be able to control her power and stop Hercules coming closer to immortality?

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Storms of Olympus

The Immortality Trials are getting deadly. With six Trials complete, lives are hanging in the balance and the score couldn’t be tighter. 

As the stakes get higher and emotions intensify, the heroes have to question what the prize is really worth to them. They all have secrets. They all have goals. And the Trials have a way of testing each and every one of them…

Lyssa’s feelings for her new deckhand may be even harder to control with a visit to the island of the goddess of love… But he has one last thing to tell her, a secret that may change how she sees him for good.

Hedone and Hercules have decisions to make, decisions that may force Evadne to act. Will Eryx be there to help her? Or will his loyalty to his captain and his crew win out?

In the next bout of Trials our heroes will face some of the most vicious creatures they’ve seen so far, deadly riddles, a demi-god to rival them all and Lyssa will be tested to her limits when she has to face her worst fear of all; losing a member of her crew.  

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Fires of Olympus

Those who survive will be celebrated. Those who win will live forever.

With just three Trials left, there's still every chance that the most dangerous man in Olympus is going to win the Immortality Trials.

If the heroes can survive the fall out from the Hercules's actions on Ares, then the last Trials are to be held in the realms of the big three gods; Poseidon, Zeus and Hades, and that means the crews will have to face their toughest challenges yet. 

In this thrilling finale to the series our heroes will have to face their biggest fears, both physically and emotionally. Giant sea monsters, dragons and the deaths of those they love will see them to the gates of hell itself, before a winner is crowned. Will Lyssa win her last chance to be free and to roam the skies of Olympus for eternity? Or will she spend her remaining years fleeing a murderous monster who has been given unlimited life?

Who will win the Immortality Trials? 

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