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Olympus Academy

The Titan's Treasure

I'm Pandora and apparently, I’m a Titan. 

And I didn't have a clue. When I finally meet my absent mom for the first time ever, she tells me that I’m descended from the almighty Oceanus, drags me under the sea and dumps me at Olympus Academy to learn to use my powers. And boy did she forget to tell me a few things. 

It turns out that other than the gorgeous and mysterious Icarus, I’m the only Titan at the academy. Everyone else is an Olympian. And Zeus, Lord of Olympus, hates Titans. He'll do whatever he can to get us out of the academy. 

But the one thing mom did tell me was that if I don't graduate, I'll be forced back to the mortal world where demons will be drawn to me and my family and kill us. So getting kicked out of school is not an option. 

The only way I can get back to my dad and little sister without getting them killed is to become so powerful that I can move between the worlds and handle demons. And to do that I need to unlock my Titan powers. 

The trouble is, I’ll have to work with Icarus, and he is impossibly moody and unhelpful. Plus I can’t think straight every time I get a glimpse of those piercing green eyes… Added to that, the other students are doing their best to make my life hell.

I don't care how hard it gets though, I'll do whatever I need to to get back to my family.  


Olympus Academy

the demon demigod

So, it turns out Titan power is pretty awesome. Only I can’t control my new gift and that’s not only embarrassing but also dangerous. 

And I’m sure our new professor is one of the two demons I accidentally let loose in Olympus. Icarus says we should lay low for a while but every time Professor Neos flashed me those red eyes I want to challenge him.

And when students start collapsing to the ground with their souls stolen, I don’t have a choice but to act.

Olympus Academy: The Demon Demigod is the second book in the Olympus Academy series. Expect epic magic, lethal demons, fierce friendships, budding romance, a few twists and turns and even flying ships!


Olympus Academy

The Jinxed Journey

It's starting to look like Olympus is a lot more dangerous than I thought it was.

After dredging up a flying pirate ship belonging to the long lost Oceanus, I'm leaving the academy on a quest. And it's not just me going. My friends, Icarus, Zali and Thom are coming too, but in a strange turn of events, two of the people who hate me most in the academy are also tagging along for the ride.

And what a ride it's going to be. We have to follow a series of clues across some of the most dangerous parts of Olympus, to try and free a Titan trapped by the Lord of the Olympians himself.  And even more confusing, my absent mom has finally decided to show up.

It's not going to be easy, but it's the only way we can save the souls that were stolen by the demon that I let loose. 

My mistake cost innocent people their souls. And now I'm the only one who can fix it. 


Olympus Academy:

the complete collection

The whole series is available in one collection. 

It's available in both eBook and paperback format. 

Book no.1
Book no.2
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