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Fae fantasy meets Vikings in this enemies-to-lovers romance about a broken ice-fae princess who must earn her Valkyrie wings, a villainous fire-fae who will stop at nothing to get his revenge, and an ancient war that could see their whole world burn.

Princess Madivia is broken. Her fae magic doesn’t work, her illness will kill her, and nobody knows she exists.
So when the gods select her to leave her tower in the Ice Court and train to be a Valkyrie at Featherblade, she is sure they’ve made a terrible mistake.
So is every other fae at Featherblade. All except the disgraced fire-fae Valkyrie, Kain. His burning gaze never leaves her. Nobody knows what he did to have his wings taken away, but he is as dangerous as the deadly world Maddy has been drawn into.
And she has the key to his revenge.
If he discovers her secret, it won’t just be Maddy’s life that is in danger. She knows she should avoid him.
But, the only thing harder than becoming a Valkyrie? Conquering her searing fascination with the unhinged fire-fae.

If she is to survive Featherblade, she must earn her wings. If she is to survive Kain, she must make a choice that could burn their world to ash.

"If you like viking meets fae fantasy, Norse mythology, slow burn with delicious tension, touch her and ☠️, and academy settings; this is THE book for you!"

"This is a light read and fast paced, once I had settled in for the ride it just got better and better. I literally did not want it to end."

"Vikings, Fae and Norse mythology brought together brilliantly."

series is complete, and available in eBook, paperback, hardback and audio.
dive in now and earn your braids.
the shadow bound queen 
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About Eliza

Eliza Raine lives near Reading in England with her husband, three cats and outrageously cute puppy. She has a BA Hons in History and has a deep-rooted passion for all types of mythology and stories about women who don’t need rescuing.

She can usually be found reading fairytale retellings, playing board games or building Lego whilst watching Disney films.


Please connect with Eliza using the social media links below, she'd love to hear from you!

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