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The warrior god

Anger management isn’t so bad when your shrink is gorgeous. It’s less great when you turn up to find him dead on the floor, and an armored giant dressed like a freaking ancient warrior standing over his body though.  

Ares, the God of War, has lost his power and the only way for him to get it back? Me. Apparently, I’m a goddess. One with the power of war. I mean, it does explain a lot.

To my relief, Joshua, my shrink and only friend, isn’t really dead. He’s been kidnapped and taken to Olympus—the world where I’m supposed to belong. I vow to do whatever it takes to find him. But Ares has other plans for me. He wants my power, and the easiest way for him to get it is to kill me.

When Hades suggests a compromise, I’m forced to work side-by-side with a giant, murderous warrior god. One with far too many secrets. Ares might be the brute everyone thinks he is, but I’m no angel. He awakens a power within me that I’ve failed to control my whole life. 


And I soon discover that Joshua isn’t the only one that needs saving.

savage god small.jpg

The savage god

In order to save my only friend’s life, I am being forced to complete three Trials set by the Lords of War; Pain, Panic and Terror. And I have to work with the most arrogant, stubborn, untrustworthy jerk in Olympus to do so. Ares not only won’t teach me how to use my powers, he also keeps trying to steal them. And he's crossed a line that should be unforgivable.

Something connects me to the brutish God of War though. Something more real than I’ve ever experienced in my life. There’s more to him than he shows the world, and the more I fight alongside him, the deeper into his soul I can see. Which makes the betrayal so much worse.

He and my sphinx-shifter cat know more about who I am and where I came from than they’re telling me. And in order to stay in the world of Olympus, a place where anything is possible and I’m no longer an outcast, I need to be able to use my magic. 

For all my determination to save Joshua and learn to use my powers, an equal part of me needs to understand Ares. It's a part of me I simply can't seem to switch off. I need to know why I hear the drums of war when I look into his eyes, and why flames dance in his irises and my body utterly betrays me when he’s near. And even more, I need to know if he feels the same.

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The golden god

I’ve made a few enemies in my time, but none as powerful, or spiteful, as the Goddess of Love.

Aphrodite’s curse has turned Ares from the man I was falling in love with into a savage beast, crazed with blood-lust and desperate to steal my magic.

Worse, we still have one Trial left to complete in order to save my friend from a rogue Underworld demon, a Trial set by the spirit of Terror.

The more I see of Olympus, the more I feel I belong. I have a past here, and I know Ares is keeping secrets from me.

Is that enough to stop the bond between us flaring to life, to stop the need for him that burns through every nerve in my body?

As we battle against jealous gods and power hungry deities, vicious creatures, and lethal landscapes, I’m going to find out just how much I’m willing to give up for this new, fierce passion for the Warrior God. I’m going to find out exactly what true love can do to a person, even one as rough around the edges as me.

But I’m also going to find out just how hard a heart can break.

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