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Is there a reading order for your books?

All my books set in Olympus are interconnected, but every series can be read as a standalone. 

That said, the adult fantasy romance trilogies that make up The Dark Gods of Olympus are best read in order, if possible. 

If you want to read everything set in Olympus:

1. The Immortality Trials (YA)

2. Olympus Academy (12+)

3. The Hades Trials

4. The Ares Trials

5. The Poseidon Trials

If you only want to read the adult content:

1. The Hades Trials

2. The Ares Trials

3. The Poseidon Trials



The Devil's Deal (my most spicy series, from book 1)

Brides of Mist and Fae

1. The Shadow Bound Queen

2. TBA

what are the age ranges of your books?

All my series EXCEPT Olympus Academy and the Immortality Trials contain adult content - swearing, sex, and violence. 

Olympys Academy is appropriate for ages 12+. It is a family-friendly adventure, with very limited violence, no swearing, and just a few kisses :) But many adults will enjoy it too!

The Immortality Trials contains swearing, fade-to-black intimacy scenes, and some violence, and so is not OK for young kids!All my Greek Mythology books are all set in the same fictional world of Olympus and they do all link up. Adults should enjoy them all!

are there any special editions of your books?

There is a dust jacket, cloth cover, hardback edition of the Hades Trials Complete Collection available here, but that is all at the moment.

I hope to add more soon!

can i get signed copies of your books?

I am in the UK and international shipping for parcels is crazy right now due to a number of economic factors. In the meantime though I am happy to send signed bookplates. Please email if this is something you are interested in!

are you going back to writing the greek gods soon?

I most definitely am. The next two gods have been chosen, and one trilogy plotted. I am not sure if it will be my next series, but it is 100% coming. 

didn't you say once there would be a hecate spin off story? and what happened to eris?

I have been trying to write the Hecate spin-off, Goddess of Ghosts,  FOREVER!!!! I don't usually write standalones and I want her story to be perfect, because I adore her and she is one of the most powerful women in my entire Olympus world. When it is as brilliant as she is, it will released into the world!

And Eris... I left Eris in our world because I know myself, and I know that I will want to write something like Nox and Beth's story, set in the city with Cuban music and casinos and fancy cars and restaurants, at some point in the future. Just thinking about what kind of trouble she would cause in our world makes me happy.

what happened to greek god academy?

This was a series I was excited about, and have all the covers for, but just didn't come to me when I needed it to. I don't know if and when I'll get back to it as I am now so entrenched in my more adult worlds and characters, but I still so feel strongly about Pandora and Icarus, and would love to fnish their story one day.

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