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A bit about the world of olympus

Olympus is the world my Greek mythology stories are all set in. It is ruled by the twelve Olympian Gods and although a lot of the realms are based on ancient Greek mythology, they are all very different from each other. 

In the real myths Hades was not an Olympian, Demeter was the twelfth goddess, but I have used some poetic license to alter this in my books :)

The ancient Greeks had a strong connection with constellations and the night sky, so I was inspired to name each God's realm after a well known astrological sign from our world. Which god is your star sign?

Olympus bw.jpg

Aries - Ares

A dangerous island realm ruled by kings and queens of fierce tribes

 Taurus - Dionysus

A wild forest realm with giant treehouses

 Gemini - Hermes

Adjoining twin islands, thriving and wealthy, with aztec influence

 Cancer - Hera

The most Greek of the realms, family orientated and peaceful

 Leo - Zeus

A sky realm at the center of the world, ringing Mount Olympus 

 Virgo - Hades

A forbidden realm, also known as the Underworld

 Libra - Athena

A sky realm, industrial, made up of platforms and bridges

 Scorpio - Hephaestus

A forbidden realm, encased inside a series of volcanoes

 Sagittarius - Artemis

A forbidden realm, a sanctuary for centaurs

 Capricorn - Apollo

An island realm with extreme changing weather

 Aquarius - Poseidon

An underwater realm made up of golden domes

 Pisces - Aphrodite

A forbidden realm, tropical paradise

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