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Board Game Review: Sagrada


Thanks for stopping by! I’m Eliza, and I when I’m not reading or glued to Netflix I love playing board games! I found it hard to build up a collection of games that were really great with only 2 players, so now I’ve found them, I want to share them!

Today I’m reviewing Sagrada.

Sagrada is my new favourite. I can’t help it, it’s just so beautiful. You build a stained glass window!!!

The basic premise is to fill your gorgeous stained glass window with coloured die, according to the few placement rules. It’s a very simple idea executed gorgeously.

Time to Play: 20-30 minutes

This game can played quickly, especially when playing with 2 people, as there are only 5 die to choose from each round, eliminating a lot of the long decision making we often suffer from in board games.

Strategy Vs Luck: 50% Strategy, 50% Luck

There’s so much luck in this game, in both which colours and numbers you roll. The beauty of it is though, you can choose what you do with what you roll to maximise points. The combinations that score points changes each time, as do the helper tools and colour you are collecting, so you have to decide how to play.

Replayability: 10/10

Because the point scoring combinations change every game, and because the window patterns you use change each game, and because the helper tools change each game, no two games are the same. We have times where we score 30 points, and times where we score 75 points. And neither of us win more often than the other.

Faff Factor: Low

It’s a very easy game to learn. It’s not really portable unless you have a dice tray (we bought one for a few quid on amazon). It doesn’t take up much space but I guess it’s a little noisy with all the die rolling.

More than 2 Players? Yes!

There’s no noticeable difference in gameplay with more than 2 players in Sagrada. It’s really hard to keep an eye on other people’s windows as well as your own, you just have to play your own game the best you can.

Cost: £££ (Over £30)

Sagrada is currently listed on Amazon just over £30 but it changes in price a lot.

Conclusion: 10/10

I honestly can’t think of a way to make this game better. I’m completely in love with it. The tantalising possibility of filling your whole window keeps you excited right up until the last roll, and you know the next time you play it it’ll be totally different.

About the Author:

When Eliza Raine isn't playing board games, she's the author of the debut series; Skies of Olympus. Get the first episode FREE now!


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