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A bit about the world of yggdrasil

Yggdrasil is the world my Norse mythology books are set it. It is a giant tree, and its roots contain rivers that lead to the five fae Courts, Ice, Fire, Earth, Gold, and Shadow.

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Shadow Court Palace.jpg
the shadow court
Glossary and Pronunciation Guide

Where possible names and places have been inspired by Norse language. Not all are listed here, but I have tried to include any with unclear pronunciation. 


The World


Yggdrasil (EEG-dras-il) - the tree of life and common name for the world of the five Courts

Vald-staff (vawld-staf) - Staff that gives fae ability to use their magic

Rune-marked - human born with rune tattoos that match to one of the five courts, able to create vald-staffs for the fae


Gold-giver - rune-marked for the Gold Court

Fire-forger - rune-marked for the Fire Court

Shadow-spinner - rune-marked for the Shadow Court

Water-winder - rune-marked for the Ice Court

Wood-worker - rune-marked for the Earth Court


Language Used in Yggdrasil


Veslingr (VEHS-ling-uhr)  - An annoying coward

Valhalla (val-HAL-uh)- Heaven

Thrall (thrawl) – Slave

Heimskr (HEEM-skur) - Stupid

Leikmot (LEEK-mot)
Drengskapr (Dreng-SKAP-ar)




Reyna (RAY-nuh)

Frima (FREE-ma)

Svangrior (svan-GREE-or)

Brynja (BRIN-yah)

Rangvald (RAHNG-vald)

Dakkar (DACK-ar)

Kaldar (KAL-dar)

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