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I get asked regularly about what ages my books are appropriate
for, so I thought I'd let you know here.
OLYMPUS ACADEMY is appropriate for ages 12+.
It is a family-friendly adventure, with very limited violence, 
no swearing, and just a few kisses :)
But many adults will enjoy it too!
THE IMMORTALITY TRIALS contains swearing, fade-to-black intimacy scenes, and some violence, and so is not OK for kids!
All my books are all set in the same fictional world of Olympus, 
and although they are not all family friendly, they do all link up and adults should enjoy them all!

Skies of Olympus

books one, two & three:
Hera, Athena & Artemis

What if Hercules wasn’t the hero everyone thought he was?

His daughter, Lyssa, knows just how cruel he can be. But she has left that life behind and now her battered smugglers ship, the Alastor, flies under everyone’s radar - just how she likes it.

The Gods have a different plan for her though. They’re about to break one of their only rules and grant a worthy hero a chance to win the ultimate prize – immortality. And Lyssa and Hercules are two of the lucky heroes offered the chance to compete.

Twelve gods, twelve realms, twelve trials. And for Lyssa, they’re about so much more than an eternal life. They’re about facing the monster from her past and stopping him from becoming truly untouchable.

She never wanted to let the world know that she inherited some of her father’s immense power. But maybe it’s time to show them all. How else can she compete with giants, centaurs, demi-gods, monsters, warriors and the strongest man in Olympus?

You’ve never read Greek mythology like this before…

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About Eliza

Eliza Raine lives near Reading in England with her husband, three cats and outrageously cute puppy. She has a BA Hons in History and has a deep-rooted passion for all types of mythology and stories about women who don’t need rescuing.

She can usually be found reading fairytale retellings, playing board games or binge-watching Netflix shows.


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