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Board Game Review: Century Spice Road


Thanks for stopping by! I’m Eliza, and I when I’m not reading or glued to Netflix I love playing board games! I found it hard to build up a collection of games that were really great with only 2 players, so now I’ve found them, I want to share them!

Today I’m reviewing Century Spice Road.

I can’t stop playing this game. The more familiar I become with the cards the more I want to play!

The basic premise is collect the right spices to swap for points, by building up a reusable deck of trade cards. The long-game aspect of this reusable deck is what makes Century Spice Road so good.

Time to Play: 45-60 minutes

The cards will sometimes influence the length of this game, as will an individual’s strategy – the game ends when a player has collected 6 points cards. But as a rule our games last about 50 minutes (and that accommodates my husbands analysis paralyisis).

Strategy Vs Luck: 60% Strategy, 40% Luck

There is a fair amount of luck in this game, both with the trade cards and the points cards BUT I believe there are enough cards and tactics available that there is always another way. The system for trading spices is so flexible and the way you can use you deck of cards so individual that there’s never no option. There are a few excellent cards though – which will make your game easier.

Replayability: 8/10

The decks of cards in this game are massive, and there are 2 expansion packs which are on our ‘To Buy’ list. You can go three or four games without seeing the same cards, and the combination you play them in will change each time.

Faff Factor: Low

You need a bit of space to play this game, and the little dishes of spices are cute but potentially messy (if your curious cat knocks them over…). It isn’t hard to learn but you may have to do a few practice rounds to start off with, just to get the hang of the deck building.

More than 2 Players? Definitely!

In a slight departure from my ‘2 Player’ mission, this game is much better with more than 2. When playing with 2 this game is a little more formulaic. Knowing that if you pick up a card, a better one may be revealed for your opponent stifles play. In a 3 or 4 player game there’s more opportunity to collect cards. It’s totally still worth playing with 2 though.

Cost: ££ (Under £30)

Century Spice Road is currently listed just under £30. I haven't seen it discounted often.

Conclusion: 9/10

I love the strategy in this game and I love that it builds over time. A game can change half way through and the deck-building means you really feel invested when you’ve got something working well. There is a fantasy version of this same game that’s super pretty and I wish I had called Century Spice: Golem.

About the Author:

When Eliza Raine isn't playing board games, she's the author of the debut series; Skies of Olympus. Get the first episode FREE now!


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